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Personal Loan Rates

Rates may vary based on the term of the loan and the applicant’s credit history.

Rates effective 9/21/2022

Loans – Personal Rate APR* Term
1 – 36 Months 6.99* 6.99* 36
37 – 60 Months 7.99* 7.99* 60

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Loans – Share Secured** Rate APR** Term
1 – 36 Months** 4.25** 4.25** 36
37 – 60 Months** 4.75** 4.75** 60

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

*Rates are shown “as low as” and are subject to credit worthiness and loan term.

**Share-Secured Loans – Terms are up to 60 mos. Rate/APR: Pledged share amount. This low rate interest-only loan is available to members who are in need of funds but do not wish to deplete their savings. Your Allegent share savings or certificate will be held as collateral for the loan. As you repay the loan, funds become available for withdrawal. Certain restrictions may apply if a certificate is secured as collateral. Dividends continue to accrue on your pledged share account during the term of the loan.