Enrollment in the New Integrated Online BillPayer - Allegent Community Federal Credit Union

Enrollment in the New Integrated Online BillPayer

Step 1

Log In to Online Banking.

Step 2

Click on the Bill Payment tab on the menu bar.

Step 3

Click on Enroll in BillPayer and choose Share Draft suffix.

Step 4

Read Disclosure.

Step 5

Read Fee Disclosure.

Step 6

Click Finish.

Step 7

Follow instructions to add payees by choosing a listing in the database or entering all information in fields to add a new payee.

Allow up to 4 business days for status of each payee to change from inactive to active before submitting the first payment.

Allow up to 2 business days for electronic payments to be processed and 5 business days for checks to be processed.

See Disclosure for additional information.

We understand there may be some confusion. If you have any questions, please call us at 412-642-2875 or 1-800-245-5105 to speak with a Member Service Representative.

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All applicable fees will apply per our Truth-in Savings Disclosure
*Accounts must have a Draft Account and use service within 90 days to avoid deactivation or penalty fees.