Merger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Allegent Community Federal Credit Union

Merger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Allegent Community FCU & Riverset Credit Union

Effective February 1, 2021, Riverset Credit Union is now a part of the Allegent Community FCU Team! This is a merger of two healthy credit unions that will benefit you. This partnership will provide access to an additional branch location, competitive loan and deposit rates, enhanced technology, and new products and services.

Former Riverset Member FAQ – Updated 09/07/2021

How do I contact Allegent?

Please dial 412-642-2875 and select option 5 to speak to an Allegent Member Services Consultant during normal business hours or you can email our member services department at


Do I need to order new Allegent checks?

No, you can continue to use your Riverset checks. They will clear through your new Allegent Checking Account.


Can I still use my old Riverset account and routing numbers?

Yes. Your account and routing number from your Riverset accounts will still function so any direct deposits and/or automatic withdrawals that you have setup on your accounts will continue to post. We simply ask that if you set up any NEW direct deposits or automatic payments, please utilize the new routing number 243083240.


Can I sign on to Allegent Online Banking using my Riverset login information?

No, you must enroll in Allegent Online Banking from the Allegent website. Click the link at the top of the page to sign up for online banking.


How do I access Allegent Online Banking?

Allegent Online Banking is a quick and secure way to manage your finances. Follow these simple steps to get signed up!

  1. Go to the Allegent Online Banking Sign Up Page (Click Here)
  2. Please read and agree to the Terms of Service Disclosure.
  3. Enter the requested personal identifying information and then click the submit button. Where you are asked for your account number, enter your new Allegent Member Number. Also, you must enter your name as it appears on your statement – so if you utilize a middle initial you will need to include it. Also, MOTHER’S MAIDEN NAME is a required security field when setting up online banking – if this information was not on file with Riverset you will need to call to finalize the Online Banking registration process.
  4. You will be asked to create a User Name, Password, and Security Questions.
  5. Once you have been enrolled you can log in and access your Allegent Accounts.


How do I use the Allegent Mobile Banking App?

Keep in mind that you can only access the Allegent Mobile Banking App once you have established an Allegent Online Banking Account. Once you have enrolled in Allegent Online Banking you can download the Allegent Mobile App and take Allegent with you wherever you go! The Allegent Mobile Banking App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


I am signing up for online banking and it asks me for a caption and image. What is this for?

This is for security purposes and something you will recognize and see when you sign in. You need to choose an image from the list of images provided and select a caption that can be any word or phrase of your choosing.


What about my Bill Pay information I had with Riverset? Is it lost?

No, we transferred your Bill Pay information over to the new Allegent Bill Pay – so if you utilize Bill Pay, your account will transfer over to Allegent and continue to pay any scheduled payments as normal.


How do I access Bill Pay?

Sign into your Allegent Online Banking Account at and click on the Bill Pay tab. A pop-up will appear taking you to your Bill Pay account. The payee information you had logged into Bill Pay at Riverset will transfer over into your new Allegent Bill Pay


How do I access telephone banking?

Call 412-642-2850 and select option 1 to access the Audio Response Unit to bank by phone. You will need to know your Allegent Member Number to access your accounts. It will ask for a PIN to get signed into your accounts – if you have not setup a PIN this is defaulted to the last 4 of your Social Security Number.


Will my Riverset VISA Debit or Credit Card still work?

No. All Riverset Debit and Credit Cards will be converted to Allegent Debit or Credit Cards. Your new Allegent VISA Card was mailed to your address on file the week of 08/23/2021. Your account information will not change during the conversion – however you will be issued a new 16-digit debit card number. Your new Allegent Card will come with a sticker on it that outlines how to activate the card and setup your new PIN.


My debit card won’t work?

Make sure you activate your card by calling 800-992-3808 and setting your 4 digit PIN. If you have problems after your card is activated please contact us at 412-642-2875, or email us at during normal business hours. If you are trying to reach us after hours, please call us at 833-414-0549


Is my Allegent Debit Card PIN the same as my Riverset Debit Card PIN?

No, your PIN needs to be set on your Allegent debit card by calling 800-992-3808. You can choose any PIN number you prefer.


  • I have automated payments set up with my Riverset Debit/Credit Card will these still go through?

No. If you currently utilize your Riverset VISA Debit Card for automatic payments like subscriptions, utilities, health club dues, etc. you must contact them with your new Allegent VISA Debit Card information. This will update your current payment method information for automatic payments


Why can’t I see my account and transaction history or statements prior to 09/01/2021?

As of 09/01/2021 all former Riverset Member account information was setup on the Allegent system as Allegent Accounts. Transaction history and prior statements did not transfer over to the Allegent system and will not be accessible through online banking, mobile banking, or shared branch banking. This information is not he only way a former Riverset member can see their transaction history is upon request – please call or email the Allegent Member Services Team at


When can I get my August Statement from Riverset?

All former Riverset Members were mailed a copy of their final August 2021 statement to the address on file. If you need copies of your statement or transaction history – please call or email the Allegent Member Services Team at


What happens if I want to change my PIN number?

Just call the automated debit card activation line at 800-992-3808 and you can reset your PIN.

Are we changing the name of our credit union?

No. As of February 1, 2021, Allegent Community FCU is the surviving credit union.

What is the merger process and timeline?

Allegent’s regulator, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Riverset’s regulator, the PA Dept. of Banking & Securities (PADoBS), and both Boards of Directors for each credit union have approved the merger. Our first legal day as a combined organization was February 1, 2021. Over the course of the next several months, the combined team will work to complete the system conversion from Riverset to Allegent Community Federal Credit Union.

Why bring the two credit unions together?

Very simply, we want to bring our members the best value from their credit union while ensuring we continue to grow and thrive. Partnering with another established credit union will significantly increase operating efficiencies so we have the resources to deliver more to our members. By bringing these two organizations together, it will be providing you, our members, access to an array of additional product and service offerings, an additional full-service branch location, competitive loan and deposit rates, and enhanced technology.

How will members benefit from this merger?

The merger will provide increased capital, financial strength, and long-term sustainability. This merger will also provide the resources to continue to improve your banking experience through an added branch in the south side of Pittsburgh. The credit union will strive to offer the latest online and mobile technologies, new products and services, and competitive rates.

Will you add any new fees, or will I have to pay more because of the merger?

We are taking a close look at the products and services, rates, and fees of both organizations. We are committed to bringing the best of both credit unions to our members.

If I was a Riverset member, will my member number or account number change?

We will be providing you with timely updated information regarding any modifications to your member number and account number, if applicable. Allegent members (pre merger) will not have any changes to their member number or account number.

If I was a Riverset member, will my Debit/ATM card, credit card, and checks continue to work?

Yes. You will be able to continue to use your current Debit/ATM card, credit card, and checks during this process. However, we will be providing you with updated information concerning your cards and checks in the future.

If I was a Riverset member, can I still use the PNC ATM network surcharge free?

Yes. The PNC ATM network will continue to be supported.

If I was a Riverset member, can I still apply for a loan during this process?

Yes. All the current channels for loan applications will continue to be supported.

Will the Branch hours change?

Only the new Allegent location at 53 S. 10th Street will change their hours to 8:30AM – 4:00PM (Monday – Friday). Please note, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently operating by appointment only. When you arrive for your appointment, we require ALL members to provide us with proper identification and wear recommended facial protection prior to entering our branch facility.

If I was a Riverset member, will I be able to continue to use my current online and mobile banking?

Yes. Your current online and mobile banking access with continue to be supported. Any changes or updates to this process or access will be provided to you in the future.

Can Riverset members use Allegent Community Federal Credit Union Branches now?

Riverset members will be able to use Allegent Community Federal Credit Union branches as of February 1, 2021 which is the first legal day as a combined organization.

Can Allegent members use the Riverset branch location in the South Side?

No. Until the system conversion is completed, Allegent members will not be able to use the South Side branch. We will keep you updated when the system conversion is completed.

Will ATM access be surcharge free at all 5 Allegent locations?

Yes. Both Allegent and Riverset members will be able to use all 5 Allegent ATM locations (Liberty Center, Franklin Park, Penn Hills, Cranberry Twp. and South Side) plus all PNC Bank® ATM locations surcharge free.